Multifocal vs Monovision Lens Trial

Mark Wilkins was principal investigator for this trial at Moorfields Eye Hospital and King’s College Hospital, which looked at the outcomes of patients having cataract surgery on the NHS. The patients either received standard monofocal lenses with the powers adjusted to give them monovision or had multifocal lenses implanted. Levels of satisfaction in both groups of patients were equally high but the patients who received the multifocal lenses were much less likely to report needing glasses (71%) compared to the monovision group (26%).

Despite the high satisfaction ratings from the patients who received multifocal lenses six of the 106 patients who received them asked for them to be exchanged for monofocal lenses. Clearly, the multifocal lens studied worked but not in all patients, emphasising that careful selection of the right lens for each patient is essential. Finally, it is worth pointing out that multifocal design has improved since this study so although the figures for spectacle independence and IOL exchange should not be assumed to apply to current lenses.

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